Lara is the founder and creative director of her eponymous fashion brand LARA DI GIANNI.

Born in Italy, she grew up into a family that cradled her between art and nature.

Lara started her journey graduating with honours in Bags & Accessories Design at IED, Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, and her professional career has been enriched by years of experience in the fashion industry.

After having lived in different cities Lara settled in Brighton, a constant cultural and artistic source of inspiration, where she founded her brand with the vision of create something special.

LARA DI GIANNI is a brand that reflects Lara's constant search for beauty, art and craftsmanship.


The making of LARA DI GIANNI handbags.

Step by step, all LARA DI GIANNI handbags are handcrafted by skilled artisans at family-run firms in Italy, using traditional and local techniques.

We team up with our skilled artisans, who take care of our precious creations and allow us to achieve the highest quality standard of craftsmanship.

We spend hundreds of hours of experimentation and make dozens of prototypes before arriving to the perfect creation.

A timeless and unique handbag.
Only for you.


Highest quality leather

All LARA DI GIANNI handbags are made from the highest quality leather, sourced from suppliers certified by the European Leather Working Group, to guarantee the highest environmental standards of sustainability and sourcing.

Our lining is made by weaving threads of organic cotton & recycled polyester jacquard which create our logo, the intersection of the letters L, D, G which are the initials of LARA DI GIANNI.


Handmade and unique

It takes months of design & research to get the perfect hardware.

Our artisans handcraft our clasps and metal accessories based on Lara's design, each piece is finished in every detail and gold plated. 

We design and manufacture our hardware to give you a small unique piece of art.


Low-impact packaging

We made the conscious choice to create our luxury packaging from recycled and recyclable paper, sourced from accredited suppliers.

All LARA DI GIANNI luxury boxes are completely recyclable, biodegradable, elemental chlorine free, FSC certified, heavy metal absence and all the missions generated are fully offset.

All our handbags come with a soft and elegant dust bag, made with natural cotton.

Our luxury packaging is ethical and elegant,
versatile enough to be repurposed.